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Hepatitis B vaccinations under the National Immunisation Programme to be expanded


The target group for Hepatitis B vaccination will be expanded from November onwards to include three new groups of children as well as men who have sex with men. The Hepatitis B vaccine prevents serious viral hepatitis.

Going forward, the vaccine will be offered to children born in Finland whose parents are from a country where Hepatitis B is common. Newborns of Hepatitis C infected mothers will also be covered by the vaccine. In addition, the vaccine is provided free of charge to children under five years of age who are in day-care groups that are known to include children who have Hepatitis B.

There are not many Hepatitis B carriers in Finland, but it is nevertheless important to prevent infection, especially among children. Infection in childhood often causes the individual to carry the virus for the rest of his or her life.

Sex between men is known to be a risk factor for hepatitis infection. Finland was one of the last countries in Western Europe where free Hepatitis B vaccines were not offered to men who have sex with men. Approximately 270 new Hepatitis B infections are diagnosed in Finland per year, with most of the infections having occurred abroad.


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