Will the vaccine be suitable for me?

All COVID-19 vaccines in use in Finland have been closely studied and the authorities have established their safety and efficacy. Many still wonder whether it is safe to take the COVID-19 vaccine. Questions come to mind especially if one has a chronic disease, such as an immune resistance related condition.

It is rare that an existing disease would prevent one from taking the COVID-19 vaccine. The COVID-19 vaccines given in Finland do not contain a living virus, and therefore they cannot cause the coronavirus disease, based on currently available research data. Therefore, the vaccines can normally also be given to persons with a weaker immune resistance due to illness or medication.

If you are about to start medication for a serious disease, such as cancer, or if you are going to have surgery or some other medical procedure, you should discuss the best vaccination time with your doctor.

The Institute for Health and Welfare THL has collected further information on the suitability of the COVID-19 vaccine:

Please discuss your case with your doctor when your turn to be vaccinated is approaching.

If you have concerns about the compatibility of the COVID-19 vaccine with your underlying disease, please discuss this with your doctor when your vaccination appointment draws closer. You can also ask your own healthcare centre or occupational healthcare service for further information. If necessary, your doctor can consult the THL experts about the suitability of the vaccine and the best time of vaccination.

The vaccine trial subjects have not included pregnant women, and therefore the vaccines are so far not recommended to pregnant mothers, except in special cases. Persons in terminal care or otherwise in frail condition are vaccinated only on the basis of individual assessment.

When vaccines are used, the information on their safety keeps on accumulating.

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Page published 28.4.2021
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