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The most important vaccines for travellers are the same basic immunisations that should be kept up to date even in Finland. They include the tetanus, diphtheria, polio and MMR vaccines as well as the influenza vaccine. The MMR vaccine covers measles, mumps and rubella.
  • Based on the risk assessment, people who travel abroad, even to nearby regions, can be recommended to get the Hepatitis A vaccine to prevent Hepatitis A infection via food and drink. The influenza vaccination may also be recommended. In addition, tick-borne encephalitis is common in the Swedish archipelago, Russia, the Baltic countries and Central Europe.
  • Other vaccines for travellers depend on travel destination and intended activities. Those who visit tourist destinations may not need the same vaccinations as a backpacker planning to visit rural areas.
  • Allocate sufficient time for getting the vaccines you need. Building up immunity may take several weeks, or you might need multiple doses of a vaccine over a period of time.
  • Not all vaccines can be administered at the same time. You should also keep in mind that antimalarial medication must be taken even before the trip begins and after returning from the trip to maximise the protection from disease.
  • Check the vaccination recommendations for your destination in good time before the travel by referring to the Health guide for travellers (in Finnish) on the National Institute for Health and Welfare website. The guide lists the necessary vaccinations by country. In some countries, visitors may be required to show certificate of COVID-19, yellow fever, polio or meningococcus vaccination on arrival.
  • In addition to ensuring that immunisations are up to date, travellers are encouraged to maintain good hand hygiene and be careful of what they eat and drink. Many diseases are spread via contaminated water or improperly cooked food.
  • Travellers in warm countries should protect themselves from mosquitoes around the clock. Mosquitoes spread several serious diseases and vaccines are not available for all of them.

Further reading

  • More information on vaccines for travellers is available in the Health guide for travellers (in Finnish) published by the National Institute for Health and Welfare
  • More information on health care overseas is available on the website
Page published 19.04.2018 | Page edited 30.12.2021