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About this website

The website was created as part of the Reliable information on vaccines development project in 2014.

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Reliable information on vaccines is a development project by the Pharmaceutical Information Centre (nowadays Pharmaca) and its partners. The project is implemented in accordance with the operating principles of the Fimea-coordinated medicines information network (in Finnish) and the objectives of the medicines information strategy 2012-2020. The project has been granted the right to use the medicines information network’s logo and slogan on March 7, 2014. The project produces easily understandable and reliable vaccine information for use in electronic channels. 

The service is produced in cooperation between non-profit organisations (third sector) and businesses (private sector). Broad third sector representation has made it possible to take advantage of the expertise in various groups of health care professionals to benefit all Finns. Funding from vaccine manufacturers has made it possible to quickly package the knowledge in the third sector into an easy-to-use service.

The following project partners have made the implementation of the service possible:


Elinkeinoelämän keskusliitto logo The Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) represents its members in matters related to economic and labour policy and in societal decision-making. EK represents a comprehensive range of private industries and businesses of all sizes: it has over 15,000 member companies, of which 96% are SMEs, which employ some 900,000 people. EK is represented in the project by Chief Medical Officer Auli Rytivaara.
Suomen yleislääkärit GFP ry logo General Practitioners of Finland (GPF) advocates for the interests of general practitioners and develops basic health care. Finnish health centres employ about 3,800 physicians. GPF has approximately 2,300 general practitioners as its members. The association’s representative in the project is health centre physician Kaarina Röning from Kokkola.
Suomen infektiolääkärit logo Infectious Diseases Society of Finland is a non-profit organisation focused on the further education of physicians specialising in infectious diseases. The association has approximately 180 members. The association is represented in the project by Tarja Heiskanen-Kosma, specialist in pediatrics and pediatric infectious diseases and Head of Department at Kuopio University Hospital.
Pharma Industry Finland is an advocacy organisation for the Finnish pharmaceutical industry. It has approximately 40 member companies. PIF’s representative in the project is Senior Advisor Laura Labart.
The Finnish Nurses Association is a professional organisation for registered nurses. Its goals include highlighting the value of the nursing occupation, developing nursing, providing professional support and promoting nurses’ status as experts. The Finnish Nurses Association has nearly 50,000 professional nurses as members. The association is represented in the project by teaching nurse Sari Roos from Helsinki.
Skooppi logo Skooppi, the Finnish Association of School and Student Health Care, maintains and develops the professional skills of individuals engaged in the fields of school, adolescent and student health, and supports and promotes research and progress in these fields. Skooppi’s members include approximately 200 physicians, public health nurses, psychologists, dentists and other professionals in school and student health care. The association is represented in the project by school and maternity clinic physician Anneli Ignatius from Tuusula.
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The Finnish Association of Public Health Nurses is a professional advocacy organisation for public health nurses and audiometrists.  Its members comprise 7,500 public health nurses, audiometrists, students, teachers, researchers and managers in the field. The association is represented in the project by Annaleena Hakala.


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Other partners

  Kuulto Design is responsible for the concept design and graphic design of the website.
  KWD Digital is a digital agency specialising in the open source Drupal content management system. KWD is responsible for the visual appearance and technical implementation of the website.
  Nórr Design is a design agency specialising in infographics. Nórr has designed the infographics to be published by the project.
  Viestintävimma is a company founded by freelance health journalist Leena Filpus. Viestintävimma has produced the text content for the website.
Yle Uutiset logo Yle Uutiset has produced the source code for the test of vaccine protection provided on the website (CC-BY-SA 4.0).
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