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Vaccines in Finland

Where and when do I get the vaccine? Do I need a vaccination certificate?

Where and when do I get the vaccine? 

The COVID-19 vaccine is provided free of charge to all those over 12 years of age who want to take it and for children over 6 months of age based on individual consideration. You will be informed by your home municipality of your vaccination place. If you have any questions about the COVID-19 vaccines or your own health, please contact your own healthcare centre or occupational healthcare service. The THL site also provides instruction of the sources of information about the how, where and when of the COVID-19 vaccinations. 

Risk groups for severe coronavirus disease

The Institute for Health and Welfare (THL) has defined two risk groups of those aged 12 and over: individuals with a chronic disease predisposing heavily to the serious version of the coronavirus disease and those predisposed to the serious form of the disease.

The diseases predisposing the individual heavily to the serious coronavirus disease are, for example, serious chronic kidney disease, a serious condition that weakens immune resistance (organ transplant, acute cancer therapy) and severe chronic pulmonary disease.

Diseases that predispose the individual to a serious form of the coronavirus disease include, for example, coronary artery disease and cirrhotic liver disease.
For further information about the vaccination of risk groups, please go to the THL page.

Digital vaccination card

The EU Digital COVID Certificate Regulation expired on 30 June 2023. Currently a COVID-19 vaccination certificate is primarily not required when travelling, but in some destinations it can still be required. An EU digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate that can be used as a COVID-19 passport is still available in the MyKanta online service. 

Nowadays monitoring vaccination information is easier, because the MyKanta service has implemented a section for vaccination information. However, not all vaccinations are currently visible in the Vaccinations section. Previously vaccination data has only been available on a traditional paper card, but not in digital form. 

The vaccination data will be digitally available in the MyKanta service as soon as a vaccination is taken. The healthcare professional performing the vaccination will record the vaccination in the service where the individual’s vaccinations are summarised. Many users already have the digital vaccination card in their MyKanta. 

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