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COVID-19 vaccine

The COVID-19 pandemic is a heavy strain on the Finnish people, society and the whole world. Everybody is hoping and waiting for the virus to be conquered or at least, to be caught in a headlock.
This will require a variety of measures from us, such as wearing the mask and limiting social contacts. One important means to overcome the virus is provided by the vaccines which can protect people against the severe coronavirus disease. 
However, vaccines also raise concerns. Are they helpful at all, or can they even cause harm? How can it be possible that the COVID-19 vaccines were developed so quickly, and what are Finnish people thinking about the vaccines and about getting vaccinated in the first place?
These pages provide you with basic information on COVID-19 vaccines and the ways in which they help us in the fight against the coronavirus disease and the return to normal life. 
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Page published 28.04.2021 | Page edited 28.04.2021