The vaccines included in the National Immunisation Programme are available from health centres free of charge. At private medical centres, vaccines are subject to charges. Adults are responsible for ensuring that their immunisations are up to date.
  • Some vaccines that are first administered in childhood and adolescence are boosted in adulthood to maintain immunity. The diphtheria and tetanus vaccine requires a booster shot once every 20 years until you are 65-years-old after which you take a booster every 10 years.
  • The polio vaccine does not require a booster in adulthood in normal cases, but the booster is recommended for people travelling to or from a risk area as well as their household contacts.
  • Everyone must be immunised against measles, rubella and mumps either by having previously had the diseases in question or by having received two doses of the MMR vaccine. The chickenpox vaccine is recommended for those who have never had chickenpox, as the disease can be problematic in adults and often requires hospitalisation.
  • The seasonal influenza vaccine is provided free of charge to adults and their household contacts whose health status makes them susceptible to complications from the flu.
  • The tick-borne encephalitis vaccine, or TBE vaccine's first three vaccinations are included in the National Immunisation Programme for residents or long-term residents of the Åland Islands and people living in other risk areas.
  • People who are at an elevated risk of Hepatitis A and B infection due to their living circumstances are eligible for free vaccines for Hepatitis A and B.
  • Employers pay for vaccines required by their employees due to work-related reasons and business travel.
  • People who have a chronic heart condition or a chronic lung condition (asthma, pulmonary emphysema, etc.) and diabetes patients should get the pneumococcus vaccine to protect themselves from serious pneumococcal diseases, such as pneumonia. As the vaccine is not part of the National Immunisation Programme, the recipients must pay for it themselves.
  • More information on vaccines, especially those recommended for travel, is available in the Traveller’s Health Guide published by the National Institute for Health and Welfare (in Finnish)


For who and when?

Diphtheria and tetanus vaccine, dT

booster shots at 10 (for over 65-year-olds) and 20 (for 25–65-year-olds) year intervals

Polio vaccine, IPV

Booster shot when travelling to a country where polio is endemic (if more than five years have passed from the previous booster shot)

Measles, mumps and rubella vaccine, MMR

All adults must be immunized either by having previously had the diseases in question or by having received two doses of the MMR vaccine

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