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Every child deserves to be vaccinated

Monday 15.05.2023 klo 09:42

The vaccination of children helps to prevent many diseases that were once common and are, at worst, life threatening. The youngest children are at the greatest risk of getting these diseases.

Finland started vaccinations in the early 1800s with vaccinations against smallpox, but the country continued to have a high rate of child mortality for a long time. 

What do we know about pandemics? Interview with Ilkka Julkunen, Professor of Virology at the University of Turku

Monday 19.04.2021 klo 10:29

How do pandemics come about, how can they be prevented and what have we learnt from the coronavirus pandemic?

A pandemic is a global epidemic that emerges unexpectedly. Pandemics start with a microbe – usually a virus – that originates from somewhere in the animal kingdom and transfers to a human that is in close contact with the animal.

How are vaccines developed?

Wednesday 18.03.2020 klo 00:00

Vaccines are one of the greatest achievements in medicine. Anu Kantele, Professor of Infectious Diseases at MeVac, the Meilahti Vaccine Research Center of Helsinki University Hospital tells about vaccine development.