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My vaccinations

Under the National Immunisation Programme, all Finnish children and adolescents are eligible to be vaccinated against 13 different infectious diseases. The immunisation programme for adults complements the immune protection achieved in childhood. The basic vaccinations are free of charge and voluntary.
  • Before a vaccine is granted a marketing authorization, its quality, safety and efficacy are investigated in vaccination studies. The aim of vaccination studies is to achieve new vaccines for serious illnesses that are as effective and safe as possible. The development of new vaccines usually takes over a decade and includes several phases.
  • The timing of the vaccinations is carefully considered. The aim is to achieve sufficient and timely immunity while minimising the vaccine doses and side effects. This is why infants receive their first vaccinations at the age of just a few months.
  • The vaccinations that begin in child health clinics continue later in school health care and, if necessary, student health care.
  • Adults are responsible for ensuring that their immunisations are up to date. The booster shots are documented in the patient information system and the personal health card. Vaccination information can also be found in MyKanta service
  • People in risk groups are also offered vaccinations that are not included in the basic national immunisation schedule. An underlying medical condition can also require enhanced immunisation. Exposure to infectious diseases can also result from different life circumstances or working conditions.
  • People who are unsure about their immunisation status should talk to their physician or nurse. More information on vaccinations for different groups is available on the subpages.

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