Covid-19 certificate

The EU Covid-19 certificate which can be found in the My Kanta service is used as a traveling document and as a national Covid-19 passport.

The EU Covid-19 vaccination certificate has been available in the My Kanta service since June 2021. From mid-July the EU Covid-19 certificate has included in addition to a vaccination certificate a certificate of a negative Covid-19 test result and of a recovery from Covid-19 disease, if it has been confirmed with a positive PCR test result.

The requirements for a Covid-19 certificate may differ between countries, and a traveler must find out about the destination country’s requirements before travelling. It’s also important to check the Covid-19 situation of the destination country, and before returning to Finland the Finnish Covid-19 situation, as well as the current instructions regarding Covid-19.

The Covid-19 certificate is also used as a Covid-19 passport, which makes it an alternative to the officially decreed restrictions in Finland. The Covid-19 pass may be required in e.g. restaurants, night clubs, public events and spaces used for sports and exercise as well as culture.

The Covid-19 vaccination certificate is valid for 9 months after a second vaccination, but after a third vaccination the validity is unlimited. According to the EC recommendation the test result certificate is valid for at least 72 hours after PCR testing and for at least 48 hours after a quick test. In Finland the test result is valid for 72 hours independent of the testing method. According to the recommendation the certificate of a recovery from Covid-19 disease is valid at the earliest 11 days after a positive Covid-19 test result and at maximum 180 days after a positive Covid-19 test result.

Page published 14.2.2022
Page edited 14.2.2022