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The vaccine protection of immigrants varies depending on where they come from. Some immigrants are entitled to free vaccinations under the National Immunisation Programme in Finland.
  • The vaccinations included in the National Immunisation Programme are provided to asylum or temporary protection seeking children and expectant mothers, foreign students who use student health care, quota refugees, people who have been granted asylum or have received a residence permit and others who have migrated to Finland permanently, such as adopted children.
  • Additionally risk group vaccines are offered to those who belong to a medical risk group.
  • Immigrants may also need vaccinations that are not included in the National Immunisation Programme based on the diseases that are prevalent in their country of origin. These can include tuberculosis and Hepatitis B vaccinations, for example.
  • Immigrants do not always know what vaccinations they have previously received. If there is no information regarding an immigrant’s vaccination history, their immune protection is built from scratch using an expedited schedule.

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