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In your fifties? Read this!

Friday 25.08.2017 klo 00:00

There is a worrying measles epidemic in Europe, with hundreds of new cases reported during the summer. Of the five cases reported in Finland, the most recent one was an adult who had not been vaccinated against measles.

Chickenpox vaccinations to begin this autumn

Monday 10.07.2017 klo 00:00

Chickenpox vaccinations will begin in September. In the first round, the vaccine will be administered to children from 1.5-year-olds to fifth-graders who have never had chickenpox. Children will be vaccinated in conjunction with their routine check-ups. For school pupils, this will take place in the school nurse’s office, while younger children will receive their vaccinations at child health clinics.

Many 50-year-olds in Finland lack immunity against significant diseases

Tuesday 02.05.2017 klo 00:00

The MMR vaccine, which provides immunity against mumps, rubella and measles was added to the National Immunisation Programme in 1982. People who were born in the late 1960s and early 1970s, who are now entering their fifties, are likely to have never received this vaccination.

The incidence of measles has increased in Europe

Monday 10.04.2017 klo 00:00

Cases of measles have increased in the European countries in which vaccination coverage has fallen below the critical level of 95 per cent. The highest numbers of new infections are in Italy and Romania. 

Vaccines are effective in preventing HPV infections

Wednesday 02.11.2016 klo 00:00

A new study on the HPV immunisation programme uses mathematical modelling to estimate that vaccinating only girls can prevent nearly all infections caused by the human papillomaviruses HPV16 and HPV18.

Chickenpox vaccine proposed for inclusion in the National Immunisation Programme

Monday 05.09.2016 klo 00:00

The Ministry of Finance has proposed that the chickenpox vaccine be included in the National Immunisation Programme. The vaccine’s inclusion in the programme has been suggested for several years by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, the National Institute for Health and Welfare and the national vaccination expert group. 

A new whooping cough vaccine is under development

Thursday 11.08.2016 klo 00:00

Whooping cough is a serious illness that can be life-threatening to infants. A decline in vaccination coverage and the adaptation of the bacteria that cause whooping cough have seen the number of cases increase in recent years, even in the developed world. The situation in Finland remains good compared to other European countries thanks to the active administration of booster shots.

Schools to switch to a two-dose HPV vaccination protocol

Thursday 07.07.2016 klo 00:00

The dosing of the papillomavirus vaccine (HPV), which prevents cervical cancer, under the National Immunisation Programme will change from a three-dose vaccination protocol to a two-dose protocol in August 2016.