Thursday 19.11.2015 klo 0:11

More than a million Finns are eligible for a free influenza vaccine. The vaccine is free of charge for young children, people aged 65 and up, people suffering from long-term illnesses and pregnant women. Influenza may pose a danger to these groups.

Tuesday 6.10.2015 klo 0:10

Students who are at risk of infection during practical training will receive the Hepatitis B vaccine as part of the National Immunisation Programme starting from August 2015.

Tuesday 15.9.2015 klo 0:09

Measles is a highly contagious disease that can be prevented by vaccination. It is still found in many EU countries where vaccination coverage is low. Outbreaks have been reported this year in several schools in Berlin, Germany.

In the United States, more than 100 people have contracted measles in several states by early February 2015. Cases have also been found in Canada and Mexico. The Philippines saw a major measles outbreak in 2014, caused by the same type as the virus found in California.

Friday 3.7.2015 klo 0:07

According to a study by Statistics Finland, Finns made 7.9 million overnight leisure trips abroad in 2014. Trips to southern Europe grew in popularity.

Estonia and Sweden are the most popular travel destinations for Finns. Trips to Spain, and the Canary Islands in particular, increased. Finns also travelled increasingly to Italy and Greece.