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National Vaccination Competence Training Module well received by students and faculty


The Vaccination Competence Training Module introduced in autumn 2015 has received wide praise from public health nurse, registered general nurse and midwife students. During the first year, nearly 1,600 students and 450 advanced studies students have completed the basic module in vaccination competence.

The training module provides the students with a comprehensive understanding of vaccines, vaccination and the diseases prevented by vaccines. The module is available online, which makes studying flexible and ensures that the material is up to date. The assignments are also aimed at encouraging students to think about their skills and attitudes related to vaccination.

The training module was created by faculty from the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Turku University of Applied Sciences and Diaconia University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with experts from Department of Vaccines and Immune Protection at the National Institute for Health and Welfare. 


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  • THL (in Finnish)