Wednesday 28.4.2021 klo 14:04

In Finland, the vaccinations against the COVID-19 virus were started at the end of December 20201. Based on questionnaires, a clear majority of Finnish people is going to take or has already taken the vaccine and believes in the safety and efficacy the COVID-19 vaccines.

Friday 23.4.2021 klo 11:04

The first preliminary research results on the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in Finland have been received. According to the results, vaccination reduced the number of cases of severe COVID-19 requiring hospital treatment by an average of 74% (95% confidence interval 42–88%) in the elderly and 84% (95% confidence interval 34–96%) in those belonging to the risk groups. 

Monday 19.4.2021 klo 10:04

How do pandemics come about, how can they be prevented and what have we learnt from the coronavirus pandemic?

A pandemic is a global epidemic that emerges unexpectedly. Pandemics start with a microbe – usually a virus – that originates from somewhere in the animal kingdom and transfers to a human that is in close contact with the animal.