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Make sure you have the required vaccinations before you travel


Finding out which vaccinations you need a couple of months before you travel is an important part of preparing for your trip. Every traveller should ensure that their vaccinations in the National Immunisation Programme are up to date. The need for other vaccinations depends on the age and state of health of the traveller as well as the destination, duration and nature of the trip. For example, the influenza vaccination is recommended for people in risk groups, and some countries require visitors to show a yellow fever vaccination certificate on arrival. Refer to the Health guide for travellers (in Finnish) published by the National Institute for Health and Welfare for vaccination recommendations in the country of destination.

Parents and pregnant women should pay particular attention to vaccinations. If necessary, a child can be vaccinated early and on an accelerated schedule if they have not yet received the vaccinations in the National Immunisation Programme. For pregnant women, the benefits and risks of vaccinations should be carefully evaluated by health care professionals.

It is also important to remember that not all diseases can be prevented with vaccines. Good hand hygiene, that is, washing your hands with soap and/or alcohol-based hand sanitiser, is important for preventing diarrhoea, for example. There is no vaccine for malaria, but prophylaxis should be used when traveling to high-risk areas.