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The distribution of influenza vaccines has started


Woman measuring child's fever

This season’s influenza vaccine distribution has started in September, and the vaccination of social and health care personnel has already begun. Other groups entitled to a free-of-charge influenza vaccine, e.g. those over 65 years and those under 7 years, will begin in October or November.

The coverage of influenza vaccinations in old people has been rising for many years, and during the last influenza season it rose by 10 percent units. According to the National vaccination register during 2021-2022 almost 63 % of those aged 65 years or over took the influenza vaccine.

Also the eagerness of families with small children to take the influenza vaccine has been rising over several years, but the vaccination coverage decreased a little during the COVID-19 pandemic. According to the National vaccination register 41 % of those under 3 years and 31 % of those aged 3-6 years received the influenza vaccine during last autumn or winter.

There was regional variation in the influenza vaccine coverage of both old people and small children. Children were vaccinated considerably more in proportion in Eastern Finland compared to Western Finland. Vaccination coverage information in old people and small children can be viewed by region and season in an interactive map display of the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.