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Information on vaccinations now also in Somali



The Immigrants section of the website has now also been published in Somali. The Immigrants section provides information on the necessary vaccinations and the vaccination program for people who have moved to Finland. 

At the end of 2022, there were 496,000 foreign-language speakers in Finland, i.e. people whose language is something other than Finnish, Swedish or Sami (Statistics Finland). This is 9 percent of the total population. The number increased by almost 38,000 people or 8 percent from the previous year. 

Somali citizens are currently the largest nationality seeking asylum. The number of applicants at the beginning of 2023 is clearly higher than last year, according to the Immigration Service. Somali is also the fifth largest language group in Finland, according to Statistics Finland

“A person who speaks Finnish as a foreign language does not always have sufficient language skills to obtain reliable information, in this case about vaccines. We are expanding the language options of the online service according to need and demand,” says Elisa Nordvall, Marketing and Communications Director of Pharmaca, which maintains the service. 

Read information on vaccinations in Somali here.


The website is an online service whose aim is to produce easily understandable and reliable information on vaccines and vaccination for citizens.

The online service has been implemented in cooperation with companies and associations and is maintained by Pharmaca (formerly Pharmaceutical Information Centre). The site provides basic information on vaccines, the diseases they prevent, and vaccinations for travelling. In addition, the site features, for example, the Test your vaccination protection test and a changing topical vaccine.