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Finns consider vaccinations important for preventing serious diseases


Illustrated people with hearts in their arms indicating vaccination

According to a study almost all (96 %) Finns consider vaccinations important for preventing serious diseases.

Particularly those with a higher academic degree and those aged 50-79 years consider vaccinations important. However a fifth of Finns is unaware which vaccinations they should have taken, or which vaccinations are recommended. According to the study the awareness of necessary vaccinations grows with age.

The survey was carried out during 23.5.–1.6.2022, and 1002 Finns aged 15–79 were interviewed. The error margin of the whole sample is at maximum 3,2 percentage points per direction.
Information concerning vaccines and the diseases they are used against is available from many sources, but some of them publish erroneous and misleading information. That is why it is important to search for information in reliable sources, like the website maintained by Pharmaceutical Information Centre.


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