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Influenza vaccination of risk groups has started – vaccination is now especially important during the coronavirus pandemic


The majority of municipalities started offering influenza vaccinations in the beginning of November. Getting vaccinated is now especially important during the coronavirus pandemic, as the combination of influenza and coronavirus increases the risk of becoming seriously ill.

Those in the risk group are vaccinated free of charge through their own health centre. Others can have the vaccination at their own expense or through occupational health services paid for by their employer. The free vaccine is available for all:

•    those aged 65 or older;

•    children aged between 6 months and 6 years;

•    pregnant women;

•    those in risk groups because of an illness or treatment;

•    people in close contact with those who are at high risk of severe influenza;

•    those entering national or voluntary military service; and

•    social and healthcare personnel and pharmaceutical services personnel.

Health centres will provide information on vaccination times and locations in their area. Vaccinations will be arranged in such a way that they can be carried out safely during the pandemic.