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HPV vaccination coverage among girls exceeds 70 per cent


More than 70 per cent of girls born in 2002 have now received at least one dose of the HPV vaccine. According to a new report published by the national vaccination register, the HPV vaccination coverage now exceeds 70 per cent in Finland for the first time. The actual vaccination coverage may be even higher due to deficiencies in data collection and transmission.

The HPV vaccination coverage varies by health centre. Differences are seen particularly in small health centres. In major cities, such as Vantaa, Tampere, Helsinki and Turku, the coverage is around 70–80 per cent.

Map application provides diverse information on HPV vaccination coverage

The map application (in Finnish) on vaccination coverage provides quick information at the health centre-specific level. The application also shows changes in coverage at each health centre during the past few years.

HPV vaccinations, which help prevent cervical cancer, were added to the National Immunisation Programme in autumn 2013. The vaccination is available free of charge to girls aged 11–12.