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In the defence forces

The vaccination history of new conscripts is reviewed as part of their initial medical examinations. No vaccines are administered to conscripts who have valid documentation on previous vaccinations.
  • New conscripts whose vaccinations are out of date receive a DTaP booster shot (diphtheria, tetanus and whooping cough) as well as the meningococcus vaccine and seasonal influenza vaccine. If necessary, conscripts are also administered the MMR vaccine (measles, mumps and rubella).
  • The seasonal influenza vaccine is administered to all members of the defence forces. Those who enter the service in January can get the vaccine from their local health centre before they are called up. Others receive the vaccine at their base. 
  • In certain situations also other vaccines, e.g. the Hib vaccine may be given.
  • Conscripts who serve in high-risk areas for tick-borne encephalitis also receive the TBE vaccination.
  • Many conscripts undergo a preliminary medical examination at their local health centre or through student health care. If MMR vaccination is required, it should be administered at the time of the preliminary examination.

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