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Hepatitis B vaccine free of charge for students at risk of exposure


Students who are at risk of infection during practical training will receive the Hepatitis B vaccine as part of the National Immunisation Programme starting from August 2015. Both newly enrolled and existing students who have not been previously vaccinated are eligible.

In the past, the free vaccine was available to health care students who went abroad for their practical training. The vaccine is now also available to those studying and undergoing practical training in Finland. The following groups, among others, are eligible to receive the free vaccine:

  • students studying to become public health nurses, registered general nurses, midwives, laboratory assistants, practical nurses, paramedics, dentist’s assistants or dental hygienists
  • students of medicine and dentistry
  • equipment maintenance students
  • prison guard and police students

In addition to the groups mentioned above, the vaccination may also be warranted for other students in certain exceptional cases 

The vaccine is recommended for people who travel abroad.


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