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Free influenza vaccination of risk groups has started


riskiryhmien maksuttomat influenssarokotukset aloitettu

Many municipalities will start vaccinating those in risk groups against influenza at the beginning of November. The influenza vaccination is free for those for whom influenza poses a considerable health risk, or who gain significant health benefits from the vaccination.

The following groups are entitled to a free influenza vaccine: 

  • those aged 65 or older;
  • children aged between 6 months and 6 years;
  • pregnant women;
  • those in risk groups because of an illness or treatment;
  • social and health care and pharmaceutical services personnel participating directly in the treatment or care of patients or clients;
  • men starting their military service and women starting their voluntary military service;
  • those living or staying for long periods in institutional conditions;
  • certain people in close contact with those susceptible to severe influenza.
Those entitled to a free influenza vaccination can obtain it from their own health centre or maternity and child health clinic. Municipalities will provide information on vaccination times and locations in their area. Others can have the vaccination at their own expense or through occupational health services paid for by their employer.
In Finland, the influenza season normally begins around the end of the year or during January, and lasts for about four months. There was no influenza epidemic last winter due to the coronavirus restrictions, so this year the influenza season is expected to be worse than usual in Finland.