The majority of Finnish people is vaccination compliant

In Finland, the vaccinations against the COVID-19 virus were started at the end of December 20201. Based on questionnaires, a clear majority of Finnish people is going to take or has already taken the vaccine and believes in the safety and efficacy the COVID-19 vaccines.

Several questionnaires show that the majority of Finnish people has a positive attitude to COVID-19 vaccines and their efficacy against the coronavirus disease. For example, in the HS Gallup survey made in January and February, as many as 75 percent of Finnish people told they will take or have already taken the COVID-19 vaccine. Only 13 percent replied that they are not going to take the vaccine2.

The attitude towards the COVID-19 vaccines has become more positive, since the corresponding Gallup survey made in December showed that 56 percent were prepared to be vaccinated. 

The results of the Finnish Broadcasting Company COVID-19 questionnaire made in January were even more positive – about 86 percent of the respondents would certainly or probably take the vaccine3. The level of education has an impact on vaccine attitudes: those with a high education level are more likely to take the vaccine, compared with those with basic education or secondary vocational education.

Age also plays a role in COVID-19 vaccine attitudes. As many as 94 percent of the over 65-year-olds said they will certainly or probably take the vaccine. The most doubtful were those between 24 and 35 years of age; 17 percent of this group responded that they will certainly or probably refuse the vaccine.

There has been some variation in the results of the surveys. In the December questionnaire commissioned by THL, 64 percent were prepared to take the COVID-19 vaccine but due to the timepoint of the questionnaire, the results are not fully comparable with those of more recent surveys4.

However, the results of the surveys are promising because the experts estimate that the vaccination coverage of about 70 percent would allow us to reach a herd immunity against the COVID-19 virus.

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